Repair Services

Sonny’s Repair Services

  • Sonny’s provides a variety of service, repair, and maintenance needs.  We work on most domestic, foreign, and European makes and models.  We have diagnostic equipment and experience to ensure your vehicle is correctly evaluated, repaired correctly, and exceeds your expectations.
  • Get Started.  Call us at 636-458-2028.  We’ll discuss your issue, schedule an appointment, and get your car into the shop.  If your investment is significant, we have a limited discount coupon to help ease the pain!

Things We Fix


Your engine is the heart of your car. It is a complex machine.  We repair everything from the drive train or replace your entire engine if needed.


Electrical wiring is responsible for the driving comforts you enjoy.  We repair electrical issues including your starter, alternator, or ignition system.

Heating and Cooling

You want warm during the cold months and cool during the hot months.  We accurately diagnose, repair, and fix important heating and cooling components such as your air conditioner, heating unit, water pump, or radiator.


Many vehicles have advanced electronic equipment.  We repair electronic issues such as computer diagnostics, vehicle sensors, or module failures with a proper Sonny’s diagnosis.

Engine Components

Your engine takes on a lot of wear and tear!  We diagnose and repair components such as your fuel injection system, timing belt, timing chain, or fan belt.

General Maintenance

Each day can be a grind on your vehicle.  Highway driving, city driving, stop-and-start driving…they all play a role in general maintenance.  We repair or replace important items including brakes, the chassis, your exhaust system, an air filter, hoses, full tune-ups, and oil changes.

Emissions and Inspections

When you receive your emissions or inspection card, let us get you to the motor vehicle department and back on the road quickly.  Don’t let that renewal card expire!


If your vehicle is sputtering, not hitting on all cylinders, or running weirdly, then let’s take a look.  We diagnose your issues and tune your vehicle properly to fix tune-up-related problems.

Tires, Steering, and Suspension

We diagnose and fix worn-out tires, do general tire repairs, and replace shocks, struts, CV boots, and axles.


We work on automatic and manual transmissions, all-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, clutch problems, or driveline issues.

Meet the Team

Meet the team members who keep the shop in order.  Visit the Sonny’s Team.

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