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Meet The Team | A Family Tradition of Excellence

Sonny’s Automotive served its first customer in 1957. Managed and led by Mike and Wayne Matchell, thousands of satisfied customers have had a positive experience at Sonny’s.    

All In The Family

Over the years, we have had a simple philosophy: where satisfaction is guaranteed.  Above all, our hard work is a testament to our passion for fixing vehicles.  We see our customers returning multiple times, knowing we will get the job done right for them.  In other words, You can put your trust in us and feel comfortable when we work on your vehicle. 

Mike Matchell – Owner

Welcome to Sonny’s.  I’m Mike, and I’ve owned Sonny’s for over 15 years.  I have been in the vehicle repair business for over 25 years.  It’s my passion and my life. My team works hard to earn your business.  In addition, I want you to be happy when you leave.

Car repairs can be expensive.  At Sonny’s, it’s our mission to exceed your expectations.  Above all, that approach creates repeat customer business which I very much appreciate.  I meet and greet as many customers as I can and put a lot of value on our personalized service. 

I’m a father of four and live in Labadie, MO.  We are involved in sports and enjoy living in the country.

You can reach me at 636-458-2028 or

Wayne Matchell – Senior Manager

Welcome to Sonny’s.  I’m Mike’s dad, the bald guy with the beard and the head chief that answers the phone.  I’ll level with you on how little it’s going to cost to repair your vehicle.  I’ve been tinkering and working on vehicles for over 50 years.  Thus, I’m qualified.  Hey, being without your car or truck is a hassle.   So, I’m here to get you in and out of our shop as fast as possible.

At Sonny’s, you won’t find massage chairs, leather sofas, an Expresso machine, or a 70-inch plasma TV.  We like it that way.  What you will find are solid mechanics, low prices, and an honest discussion about what it is going to take to repair your vehicle properly to keep you safe and running smoothly.

I’m a father of six and I live in Labadie, MO – as luck would have it, right across from my son.  

Call me at 636-458-2028 during office hours or email me at  Yep, for an old guy, I know what e-mail is.

Jennifer Matchell – Business Operations

Welcome to Sonny’s.  I handle the accounting responsibilities to keep Sonny’s in working order. I’m really proud of what we have built and the loyal customers we have.  It’s cool to see customers realize we are an alternative to large dealership service drives.  Sonny’s approach is a bit old-fashioned and simple.  That says a lot about Mike, Wayne, the team, and our passion to repair your vehicle right the first time.  As always, I hope that you have an enjoyable experience with Sonny’s and as always, we appreciate your business!