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Sonny’s provides a variety of repair services.  Also, we work on most makes and models.  In addition, we have diagnostic equipment to make sure that your vehicle is diagnosed and repaired correctly.  We are a full-service repair shop.  As a result, we can handle all your service, repair, and maintenance needs.    

So, let’s get started!  Call us at 636-458-2028. And, we will discuss what we can do for you.  After that, we can schedule your appointment and get to work.


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Your vehicle engine is the heart of your car. It is a complex machine.  Sonny’s Automotive repairs all engine issues including the vehicle drive train, complete engine repair, and an engine replacement.


The electrical wiring inside your car is responsible for many of the driving comforts we enjoy.  At Sonny’s, we handle electrical issues including your battery, starter, alternator, and ignition.

Heating and Cooling

The comforts of driving your vehicle.  Warm in the cold months.  Cool in the warm months.  Therefore, we can accurately diagnose, repair, and fix your air conditioner, heating unit, water pump, and radiator.  


Cars have advanced electronic equipment.  A proper diagnosis of your problem is important to get you back on the road quickly.  As a result, we fix problems specific to vehicle computer diagnostics, vehicle sensors, and module failures.

Engine Components

So, do you realize that your engine components go through a lot of wear and tear?  In short, we diagnose and fix these important parts on your vehicle engine including the fuel injection system, a timing belt, a timing chain, or a fan belt

General Repair and Maintenance

Each day is a grind on your vehicle.  In short, highway driving or stop and start driving puts a beating on your car.  To sum up, we repair your brakes, chassis, exhaust system, air filters, hoses, and replace your oil and filter.

Emissions and Inspections

Did you receive the card in the mail telling you it’s time for a renewal of your vehicle license?  If so, Sonny’s Automotive can help.  We do inspections including your traditional vehicle safety inspection along with an emissions inspection.  Don’t let that renewal card expiration expire! 


Is your vehicle sputtering and not hitting on all cylinders?  If so, it’s time for a tune-up.  So, we will tune your vehicle to make sure it runs smoothly.  In other words, you don’t want problems with bad spark plugs and timing, do you?

Steering and Suspension

One of the most commonly delayed areas of vehicle maintenance is keeping your vehicle running straight down the road.  Above all, you want to convenience of not veering off the road.  We handle worn-out tires, tire repair, wheel and tire alignment, shocks and struts, and CV boots and axles.


Regardless of the type of transmission you have, we can help.  As a result, our experienced mechanics can fix automatic or manual transmissions.  In other words, we fix all-wheel-drive vehicles or front-wheel-drive vehicles, clutch problems, or driveline issues.

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